G*R*E*G (pointseven82) wrote,

look audrey, i posted.

shite. i am fucking borrreeeddddd.
jane is at work
everyone else is working
tv blows
i've busted way too many guitar strings
i finished a book.
my room is getting a bit messy. but hell, do i really want to straighten up now? no

carlos comes in from milwaukee tomorrow. it's about damn time. we prolly gon' hit up da clubz and get into fights with middle school kids.

i want to start saying no to alchohol but i can't. i know i get really abusive though. like last weekend i woke up with the worst hangover and my teddy's head was ripped off. it was horrible. i'm afraid of what poor defenseless sutffed animal i might beat up next.

and i've been seeing alot of of horrible rants on livejournal. (not to say mine or any better). people getting all worked up over how they think bands suck and if you like them you suck too, how it's horrible to be overweight, why you suck if you don't eat meat. blah blah biased biased blah blah. get a life and quit worrying about how others choose to live their lives. why cry about it? obviously, it's not a joke when you really mean what you say to begin with.

(the preceding paragraph was written on a elementary level so even the ignorant ranter could understand)

i may not always be politically correct about everything i say, but in no way do i feel that anyone's way of life is a wrong one. unless, it has a negative affect on the people around them . it's obvious who fits into those category.

anyway, i need some book recommendations. some of you guys must read.anyone?

and i leave off with my first livejournal "mini survey" feel free to use the questions for your journal if ya want. :

name: greg

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